Rebecca Moss is an artist based in the UK.

Moss’ practice humorously explores notions of absurdity, precarity and instability, and takes a variety of forms across video, sculpture, performance, installation, and socially-engaged practice. She stages site-responsive interactions between the human gesture, elemental forces, architecture and the natural world. An idea is played out, to a point of futility, chaos or crisis. She is especially inspired by slapstick performance for its sense of reciprocity - that our surroundings can act back upon us, and we are not always in control. Her work draws upon eco-feminist ideas, to imagine a world where humans relinquish a position of dominance and give agency to the natural world and nonhuman animals.  

In an ongoing series of videos, Moss performs with props and everyday household objects to the camera in the landscape. These works have a mechanistic quality, which allows space for the natural world and elemental forces, such as gravity, to act as collaborator. The resulting works are often surprising, as they have unpredictable outcomes, embracing chance and failure.

The works are also inspired by the working class culture of Essex, where Moss was born and grew up, performing with everyday household objects and costumes from local fancy dress shops, and embracing an improvisational approach rooted in everyday experience. 


All images © Rebecca Moss, 2024