In September 2019, Moss was invited to take part in Jerwood Staging Series, which is a solo, one-evening event in London at Jerwood Space. For this event, which explored ideas around slapstick, absurdity and feminism, there was a screening programme of the artist's videos, a silent cinema screening programme of female slapstick performers from the early 1900s, and a live 'Panel Discussion' event.

This Panel Discussion event took place with five participants (Elise Atangana, curator; Roshanak Khakban, artist and curator; Ruidi Mu, artist and researcher; Anna Smolak, curator, and chaired by Dr Chantal Faust, artist and writer) and Moss. The entire discussion took place while the participants' heads were through 'peep boards' which are often found at marginalised locations along the British coast such as Essex, but also can be found all over the world.

Photographs  © Hydar Dewachi

All images © Rebecca Moss, 2024