In 2021, Moss undertook a residency at Airspace Gallery in Stoke-on-Trent, a large postindustrial city in the UK. There are many derelict factory buildings that still exist across the city, and features such as chimneys and bottle ovens remaining from its industrial past in the ceramics industry.


Moss proposed to turn the hundreds of existing Victorian chimneys into plinths for an outdoor sculpture park. Furthermore, she proposed that the residents of Portland Street, who are locals living in the city centre, would be the artists invited to suggest ideas for the plinth/chimney tops. She held a drawing and sculpture brainstorming workshop with the group of adults and children, supported by The Portland Inn Project and Airspace Gallery. The following images are speculative proposals for how Stoke could be re-imagined for the future.


This project examines the way that cities within the UK think about identity and place in a postindustrial context. We were especially thinking about heritage symbols and the qualities of a city that bring people together in ways other than industry. The project also considers public sculpture and its relation to power.


With special thanks to Rebecca Davies, Anna Francis and The Portland Inn Project community.

Opening ceremony with the Mayor of Stoke