23/06/17 -

































17/03/17 -






















02/02/17 - I am in a group show with Phoebe Baines, Joel Chan, Aaron Clixby, Daisy Forster, Richard Hughes, Kieran Leach, Richie Moment and Jeremy Willett, at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, opening tonight:


















21/11/16 - I have been shortlisted for the Future Generation Art Prize:

'An exhibition of the work of the twenty one shortlisted artists will go on show at the PinchukArtCentre in Kiev on 25 February – 16 April 2017. The winner will be announced at an Award Ceremony in Kiev in March. The exhibition will be presented as an official collateral event at the Palazzo Contarini Polignac Venice Biennale opening on Thursday 11 May 2017.'




07/11/16 - I will be showing work with The Bomb Factory on the 24th November, in London




23/09/16 - I embarked on the 23 Days at Sea container ship residency on the 23rd August from Vancouver. On the 1st September, I was informed that the company Hanjin, which chartered our ship, had gone bankrupt, meaning that we could not afford to get into any ports. For 17 days, without any news or plan, myself and the crew were then anchored 13 miles off of the coast of Japan, waiting to be able to get back to land. I am now safe, dry and back in London, after eventually disembarking in Tokyo on September 17th.